Some Recent Pictures (lots of them)


Ahh! This is how I change this!
Here's some recent pictures that I've taken. I apologize in advance for the quality of some of them. It hasn't been good picture taking weather here.

This guy eventually taxied back to wait out the snow showers. I say good on him!

One of the weekly 744 flights

Stirring up some leftover rain water on the runway with reverse.

Just about to come over the fence.

Over the numbers

Our first "Direct Air" flight, operated by Virgin America.

Taxiing to the gate.

Landed here due to bad wx at a nearby airport.

"The Van"

The pilots were sweet.


Training flight.

Transitioning to feather for the first flight of the day checks.

Third Direct Air/Virgin America flight.

Sitting in the morning sun.

Unedited except for Cropage.

The Gobosh Aero G700S

My favorite helicopter.



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Great the ones of the Caravan. I guess I have a weird thing for pics of a/c in bad wx


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Haha Ive seen most of those planes (except for the Van and the Virgin flights) sitting around there too.

good pics man.

Do you know why the expressJet aircraft was there?


Ahh! This is how I change this!
Thanks for all of the positive comments everyone!

Regarding XJT...I'm pretty sure it was someone in to play BG or UT...


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I'm so used to the airline and GA pilots being really cool and then I get down here at Deer Valley with some of the corporate snobs and I get nasty looks... Oh well. We're not doing anything wrong, really.

Nice shots. I've never seen an Emirates Cargo stateside.