Some people just can't stay out of the spotlight.

I hate to speak ill of the possible dead, but this guy has been involved in so many seriously horrible issues, it isn't funny. There is the charming tale of the guy that owns and operates Mach 1 over at VNY has had years of troubles and financial costs to him because Riggs had a business with a similar name (Mach One) in California and in Nevada. The poor guy in VNY started getting sued, getting judgments and collections sent after him because of Riggs owing the world money and not paying his bills from Millionaire (where Riggs owed some 30 grand) to Jeppeson, to various fuel entities, various maintenance /repair facilities and more.

Then there are the stories of him flying pax for pay and hiring himself out illegally for many years. The worst thing is that Riggs went after the witnesses who gave their statements to the FAA about the fatal accident and circumstances in 2012 and Riggs accused them of ruining his name and business. A couple of days before these same witnesses were to appear and testify to the NTSB, Riggs filed a lawsuit against them. There are many more interesting stories that go back years with him.

Maybe there is Karma after all.
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