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Here's a little trivia for ya that I learned during breakfast yesterday. The lead singer of "Evanescence" is a Delta pilot's niece!
I like the band even more now.

I love their album. I've been waiting for a band like this to break big for a while. There was a band called Emotep with a stangely simlilar musical style that was from Michigan, but they unfortunally broke up...I think about the time Evanescence got signed to a major lable. I'm on Evanescances e-team and tell everyone I can about this band. Hopefully gonna go check em out in Grand Rapids when they come out this way.

heh, sorry to rant, really love the band.


John Herreshoff
Ahh Grand Rapids!

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Having never been.... tell me... are there rapids? And if so... are they really grand??
I dunno! All I remember from GRR is that unless you really like mayonnaise, you'd better ask for "light mayo, please!"

Perhaps a strong Dutch population in western MI?
I live here in Memphis and play in a rock band... To make a long story short my band (Sheltered Life) played with Evanesence in Little Rock last summer!! They are pretty cool people.
Western MI is the home of Holland, complete with windmills, wooden shoes and tulips. I've made many trips there with my parents and wandered through miles and miles of tulip farms so my Mom could pick out the perfect tulip. Is mayo Dutch??

Who is this Evanesence?? I'm off to Kazaa to see what I can find...
I actually live in Holland. We just got done last week with our huge tulip festival. I think that western MI takes its dutch heritage a little seriously! lol. My grandpa came to Holland (MI) from the Netherlands, so im pretty dutch too. Around here if your last name doesn't start with Vander or Vanden you feel like an outsider!