SODA for Foot drop


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I had a herniated disk over 10 years ago that resulted in my left foot drop. I have no other symptoms. I have recently decided to get back into flying and the FAA is requiring me to take a SODA for foot drop. I have been flying with an instructor and the foot drop does not prevent me from flying safely in any way. Also, I can stand on the ball of my left foot with all 240 lbs of my weight. I do wear a strap to hold up my foot but no problems pushing on a rudder/brake.
My question is "What does the SODA for foot drop consist of"? Is there an actual flight test or just a demonstration on the ground of my strength and my ability to
push down with my foot?
Perhaps others who have gone through this SODA in the past can give me some insight into what is ahead.
Hi scmagee,

Typically you will need to contact your local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) to start the process of getting a SODA. They will schedule you for a Medical Flight Test in which you will likely fly with an examiner and demonstrate your ability to fly the airplane.

Aaron Florkowski, MD
FAA designated Senior AME