Social Security Number On Resume


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I have been told on several occasions not to release your Social Security Number unless it is definitely required. However, on Doug's sample resume, he placed his Social Security Number on it.

I am very curious:

- What is the purpose of placing your Social Security Number on your resume?

- Is it still a good idea to do that in an age of widespread identity theft?
the SSN was and in some cases your Pilot lic number. YOu can get it changed, it is a very good idea, and not a real good idea to put it on a resume.
At we teach never put your SSN on a resume. That is pretty personal information, and any company that requires it for a transaction is also in violation of several federal statutes.

Now why do they ask for a SSN sometimes? Well several airlines use "resume scanners" for faxed in resumes and they store your resume by SSN. Not only is this possibly illegal, but terribly impersonal.

I've never heard of anyone getting a call from airlines that use resume scanners out of the blue, however. It always takes something extra, such as an employee walking in a copy, or asking the HR people to look you up.

I suppose some may think it's worth the risk, but I don't. Having your identity stolen is one of the stickiest messes a person can get in to. I know of a guy who had it happen about 5 years ago and he is still straightening out the legal hassles. His credit report is a total mess!
Yep, that resume is a relic from 1997 at a different time. Not many people were concerned, or even aware of identity theft seven years ago.

At that point, I only put it on resumes to companies that requested such to help out the categorization and filing, but I think that was a Delta and United thing.

If the company didn't request it, I wouldn't have offered it.
I belong to Central Casting (background acting) & they will only ask for the first "5" digits of your SS #. When I sent in my application for the TSA (leave me alone, the money was just tooooo good to pass up), the TSA requires you to have your SS # on the top of the resume.

Other jobs have stopped asking for the Social Security # on your resume, but will require it on your application, I guess every job is different.