SoCal CFII (SR 20/22 time is a must)


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Anyone around EMT airport who wants to earn easy cash please PM me. There is a student who owns SR22, he is looking to get his instrument rating. He would also like someone who can take a trip with him once in a while. I met the person he is really nice and easy going. You would need to discuss the pay with him. He offered me the job, but I am unable to do it.


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Bummer... I have about 300 hrs in a COL-300/400 (now a cessna 300/400) but only 2 hrs SR22. I've been doing right seat support for clients/students for the last four years in SoCal.


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I live nearby and used to instruct at Universal Air Academy in El Monte.
I don’t have any hours in the SR22 but have hundreds of hours in the Eclipse Jet which has the same avidyne glass panels. I have instructed and signed off many students for their instrument ratings, it is my favorite to teach. If you would like to know more reply back and we can talk on the phone.