So why is still calling DCA comair academy?


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Just out of curiosity, the name has been changed for close to a year now, why are we still referring to it as Comair?
I think it is because Doug doesn't like the new name. There was a discussion on here when they changed the name. He thought they were being dishonest if I remember correctly.
No real reason to date, I just haven't gotten around to changing it.

Initially someone became, in my opinion, quite pushy about the name change and it turned into a short-lived game of 'King of the Hill" for about a week.

One of those "Hey buddy, I pay the bills 'round here"-type things.

Then I largely forgot about it.

I met one of the guys (albeit, not the one I had a grudge match with as mentioned above) in CVG and found him to be an extraordinarily personable and nice person.

I think he was suprised that I didn't have horns, fangs and a red devil suit on!
Thats funny stuff doug, thanks for the quick reply. I apologize for anyone at my school that made a bad impression on us. But i suppose there are bad apples everywhere in every organization. I hope all future relationships between delta connection academy and are pleasant!