So... should we start memorizing charts and stuff?


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Back in July, ALTRACON suggested that Terminal selected folks learn as much as they could about their facilities before they got there. He suggested visiting the flightaware and skyvector websites for charts and memorizing phraseology from an FAA handbook. The thread is still there, in the Education/Training subforum:

I got selected for a PEPC at Potomac TRACON. PCT has three major airports and helicopter lanes, not to mention the no-fly zone. Should I start memorizing now or wait for the final offer or what? If yes, does this go for everyone?

If this thread is redundant, I'll kill it. I thought I'd post here because it looks like ALTRACON's old thread died of inactivity.


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I would not worry about learning specifics right now until you complete the PEPC process, receive a FOL, and OKC date. That is just me though. I have researched my facility, but I am not going to learn anything about it right now.