So how does ATP operate? What is the Low-Down?


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Can anyone fill me in on how it works at ATP? I'm thinking of attending ATP at the Sacramento facility. How does the program work, what are the facilities, aircraft and maintenance like?(sacramento facility in particular) ATP has locations throughout the U.S. so how does that work? How many planes operate at each facility? What is the instruction like? Do you have the same instructor throughout your training? Do you get ground instruction? Does ATP have a professional attitude? What is the training like? Basically if anyone could help answer as many questions about ATP as possible I would really appreciate that.

I originally was planning on attending Sierra Academy but I toured there last weekend and was extremely un-satisfied with everything about that school. Very un-professional.

I've heard a lot of great things about ATP and hope that all of it is true. If anyone could give me any information that would be great. Thank you to anyone who replies.

All of your questions are answered in this forum's previous posts. After reading them and you still have questions, PM me.

Just about everything you could want to know about that school is in here somewhere.

From an instructor's standpoint:

We work long hours, but make it enjoyable. We get to where straight-and-level flying is just a godsend- but it is all good flying.

Sacramento and Dallas are unique, as they have the new AST300 sims with the Garmin 430's in them (the first two delivered in the nation). They're also Level 3 certified- I flew the Dallas one for the FAA's evaluation (8 hours of flying a simulator in front of two Fed inspectors is hell), so their fidelity to a Seminole is much better than the conferred Level 1 FTDs. I ramble; sorry.

Check out the website for more information, too.