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Heya all you jetcareerers (eek is that a word!?) anyhow if you haven't been following my progress in the FlightSafety Academy Forum, I got my private licence today! Here's a little clip from one of my posts.

We then returned to the airport for a soft field landing. It was 14G22kts and I absolutely greased one in, you couldn't even tell we touched down, along with the headwind I'd say our touchdown ground speed was about 25-30kts! As I taxied off the tower handed us off to ground and said "That's the best landing I've seen all day" well what could I say, I was stoked! We taxied back to the ramp and as we were tieing up the check pilot asked a few quick systems questions which I knew well. We went back did the paper work and I heard the magic words "congratuations your now a private pilot" WOH HOO! I was relived to say the least and all the studying had paid off. I got 95% for the oral and 92% for the flight. I collected my FULL stripes and headed off since I was already late for my first comerical class, although not before pinning on my wings!

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If you'd like to see the rest of the story leading upto that check out my diary in the FlightSafety forum and keep a lookout for my new post on my next stage of time building and comerical ground!
AWESOME!! Well Done!! My PPL checkride was one of the best flights I have eve had - you work so hard for it, the pressure is on, and when it all goes well it is the best feeling.
Pin those wings upon my chest ... tell my mom I've done my best ...
Congradualtions, now you're a real pilot !

Excellante!!! one major challenge down - how many more to go? Just keep pluggin & chuggin!!!
Congrads Snow.... Getting my PPL was the single most hardest thing that I have ever done.

Took me waaaaaay to long to get my PPL. Mostly due to extreme racism here in southern Ohio.

I have had instructors call me stupid and say that I wasn't at all smart enough to be a pilot.

Or tell me that I would never be a pilot,and that I should serious consider pursuing another life career choice and other totally racist things.

In middle school I was tested and had a 140-145 IQ so I knew that I had both the drive and the abilty to fly and to be a pilot.

When I got my PPL I made it a point to go to my old flight school and show them my certificate. And prove to my then former instructor and the chief pilot and his cronies that I did what they said I could never do.

So Snow you might not have had the same experience that I had getting my PPL but I know how you feel and how you felt when you heard...."you passed".

Great job bloke!!
Why it seems like just yesterday you were still in Aussieland choosing a flight school, now youv'e got wings! Yes, it does feel awesome, youv'e done very well with excellent grades.

Were all looking forward to your Comm posts, we know you'll make us proud.

Blue Skies...
When are you gonna start your instrument rating....Man can't wait to hear your post bout that training. IFR will kick your a$$.

Or tell me that I would never be a pilot,and that I should serious consider pursuing another life career choice and other totally racist things.

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If I recall correctly, I remember Doug saying his teacher told him he should be a mechanic since it was more realistic than a pilot and look where he is today. Don't worry about it I get plenty of 'interesting' comments from people, just beleive in yourself and the ones who want it most will get there.

When are you starting instrument?

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Um.. after I finish comerical and multi ground and complete the time building and multi flying. I'm guessing March?

All the best!