SNA Is Awesome!


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Hey everyone!

I just flew out of SNA for the first time today on a 737-700, and it was a blast! We line up on 19R, Captain goes to take-off power (breaks are still on), then releases and off we go! I have never been pushed back in my seat that much and it was great! As well, because of noise abatement, the climb out was steeper than I have ever had it! Arrival in SNA was also great! Hard breaking (probably because of the shortness of the runway) and a lot of reverse! Can't wait to go back, anyone else feel the same way?
I fly out of SNA everyweek. but its in a 152
. I have only flown once out of SNA in an airline and it was a couple years ago. And yeah the take off is pretty fun because the jet is climbing like mad.

Do you live in so cal? I used to like LAX. But the airport of choice is ONT. that is the best airport to fly out of. Tho LGB is nice, but its not really feel like an airport. In march I flew out of LGB on jetblue. My fligth was at 7:50, i got to the airport at 7:30. its so easy. and you get to walk out on the tarmac.

Yeah I like SNA, I just got back from there. Picking up a friend though, he bought me a Sandwich. I must be the cheapest taxi in OC!
Sorry.. I hate flying out of SNA as a private pilot.. waiting 10 mins for jets to take off, contacting clearance, etc, isn't any fun when the hobbs is running. Also, the SOCAL controllers for SNA are grouches.

I definetely side with you on waiting for 10 minutes for jets to takeoff, however being a CFI now, I don't have to worry about that HOBBS.
And you don't necassarily have to get the clearance while the engines running, you can just turn on the master and get it while doing the preflight. As for the controllers, I've seen the bad and the good. Your right, the bad can get pretty ugly, but the good is also really great!
A few months ago the clouds rolled in and it rained. Well, by 8pm the clouds were completely gone and I saw a perfect chance to go hit the pattern. When I got up there, no one was in the pattern, nor were there any jets landing. The controller, as bored as she was, advised me that if I had any special requests, I should ask for them now. hehe. So I asked her if I could take off from 19L and simulate an engine failure at 500ft and try to attempt a turn around and land on the opposite runway(01L). She said, "knock yourself out". So after the first run I nearly killed myself because I misjudged the maneuver completely, I managed to somehow put it down on 01L or 19R reversed. There was just something really weird about watching a Southwest 737 on a 5 mile final and me climbing upwind in its direction. ehehehe, of course I quickly turned, but it was weird to see that. I tried it about 3-4 times and I pretty much became the entertainment for the night in the tower. But it was actually a good learning experience because that same real life accident happend where someone lost their engine from Sunrise and they attempted to turn back and enver made it. They ended up planting the wing first on 01L. Its in the NTSB files which I read. Anyways, SNA rules!

Tower: C4853L theres a B757 on a 4 mile final, theres an addition B757 between the runways and B737 on the roll, report them in sight".

Me: aaaaaahhhhhhhh, got'em in sight, (GULP) 53L.

Tower: Roger, caution wake turbulence for the traffic, you are cleared for the option 19L, wind is 220 at 5!

Me: Doh!

Sorry.. I hate flying out of SNA as a private pilot.. waiting 10 mins for jets to take off, contacting clearance, etc, isn't any fun when the hobbs is running. Also, the SOCAL controllers for SNA are grouches.

[/ QUOTE ]

Sorry dude but you're dissin my home.

We rarely have to wait for the jets, and if we do wait it's usually for the other GA traffic. Getting clearance is not only a non issue but it is a great way to learn communications when you're training. And the controllers at SNA are the best around; totally cool and accomadating when able, but also able to really get the traffic moving when needed. At some airports I find myself waiting to takeoff because of the 5mi jet traffic; at SNA they'd get the whole lot out of there before the jet even gets close!!!

And the teardrop back to 1L after takeoff on 19L is always a good time!
mrivc211 - Can you send me a link to that NTSB report if possible? I'm interested because a few months ago I lost engine power after takeoff from 19L in a Sunrise plane with my instructor. Fortunately the engine came back with about 20% power and was enough to at least slow the descent, which allowed a 180 deg. turn back to work out fine. This was in a 172RG.

It was my first and hopefully last time to have to declare an emergency.