small aircraft my neck of the woods

KBIV 211953Z AUTO 22014G21KT 10SM CLR 28/10 A3011 RMK AO2 SLP190 T02780100.
weather shouldnt have been a factor.
Oh man. I just drove past the airport about a half hour before the crash. I remember looking over at the runway and thinking that I need to take a hamburger run to the restaurant on the field there. It was a little windy. My car was blowing around on the road.

RV 8's can be a bit untamed even without a crosswind, that's why most people do wheel landings in the 8. If you 3-point one and you're not on top of it, the 8 can get away from you in a hurry. That can be said of a lot of TD airplanes but in my opinion, more so in an RV8. Its still a fine airplane and this is just my experience with them, I'm sure there are those out there with a differing opinion:panic: