Slow week


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Man did everyone up and die or what?

um, let's see ...

Was supposed to have my IA checkride tomorrow (Friday) but I work so my CFII had to cancel it, again.

I swear one of these days I'll get to take the IA checkride but I'll probably have forgotten everything by that time.
Naw man, I've been flyin' and postin' my ass off. I've flown every day this week from Sunday on trying to reach that magical 50 hours of x/c time.

I've got 1.7 hours to go and then it'll be review time for the checkride.

Guess there's only so much folks can think to say right now with furloughs, bankruptcies, wars, and that kind of crap.
I'm plowing into exam week full steam next week, then I'll be back home and trying to get some flying done. Tonight I'm giving a presentation about the Eclipse Jet in one of my classes, and it's my last class this semester before exams.

Oh yeah, studying a little bit too.


John Herreshoff