Slow Server?!?


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I know I saw someone stating the same thing a few days ago and I believe "Kristie" said it was probably his internet connection; however, I'm experiencing the same thing on my end and I have a cable internet connection, as well as I log in through the FAA's network and this site always appears to be slow for me...just trying to narrow it it me? It's almost like I'm using dial-up...trying to respond to you guys and it's taking forever...:banghead:


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I'll move it to the tech support area as that's where we handle those (these?) things! :)

Try and tell me if there's a speed differential between using the proxy and your browser directly.


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It's a bit slow from here but still pretty fast for this time of the day. Definitely not dial-up response speed.


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My connection is super fast everywhere else but for some reason, my connection always times out when surfin' JC.


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we had a couple of slow days this past week and found out it was the pathway from our cable connection to the server. it's running just fine for us now. might have been because Cox was updating it's service too.

megaproxy is the best way to check if it's you or something else.