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I been trying for a while to get some info about Skywriting,like where does a pilot learn this craft ,what is the trainning ?
Some years ago i saw a skywriting team,2 Stearman with smoke generators,perform at Magic Kingdom MCO,eventually i asked the team leader this questions ,the answer was:" like a magician, we do not tell how is done so DO NOT ASK"////////////////////

Is this really something that we common mortals are unable to comprehend and should be left only for the special few?
could someone shed some light?

regards jetman


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I have enough trouble keeping my handwriting readable using a pen and paper on a flat table- nevermind writing with an airplane!


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would think it's not that hard....just have to have a picture of what you want in your mind and take a dip below once in a while to get a bit of a view to make sure you are on track....make sure to look from underneath so you don't write backwards though.