Skywest hiring Feb 2022


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Noticed they have a posting up until April 8th… additional hiring beyond the 20?

What are the shifts like?


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Skywest seems to send out more dispatchers because they aren’t directly linked to a major, but also because they have so many more dispatchers than other regionals… good group of dispatchers but they seem to hire very specific types of people


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Not even food stamps will help you survive there. See how long the wait list is for an apartment… then see if you even qualify on $20hr


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People willing to live on foodstamps and have 3 roommates.
I’ve heard this quite a few times. SKYW gets a good rep. in the industry though due to their training standards compared to other regionals. Outside of that I’ve never understood the hype seems like everyone who comes from there joins the, “SKYW or bust” club.