Skydive Jobs NE Ohio/Western PA

Comair 100ER

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I go to college at Kent State and I was just looking for a place in the area to fly skydivers on the weekends. Just a little gig to stay current and earn a few bucks on the side. I've already emailed Skydive Ricks in Petersburg, OH and Skydive PA. I'd be wiling to drive to western PA as well for a little job. My sister lives near Pittsburgh so I could easily crash there on the weekends. Any help is appreciated!


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Hey I also go to kent, I know theres a place in Alliance and also around Wayne County/Wadsworth just google it..


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Im a jumper and also flew jumpers for years. Am from the area. Kent State grad too.

Do not go to Canton Airsports. I know the owner and he is a good guy, but he does not run a safe operation. Good place to hang out, not to jump or fly.

Aerohio is safest most professional dz ive ever been to. Awesome owners. But, they also only hire high time people. Ie their otter pilot had close to 8K hours or so, with thousands in otters. Their 182 is very well cared for and is only flown by experienced pilots (2000+).

Dont know skydive cleveland well but seemed good when I jumped there. Might give them a try, they are actually closer to portage county than cleveland if i remember correctly.

Ricks...not personally familar but heard good things. give them a try.

best to go visit with your resume and ask

pm me if you have any questions.