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Im currently trying to decide between these two schools. I want to go to Und because

I. Its away from home
II. very good aviation program
III. newer fleet
IV. less student to intructor ratio


I. closer (less expenses for traveling back and forth)
II. 1000 dollars less expensive
III. My truck could actually make it there and back

Now Ive read that there are too many students for the instructors at SIU where as UND has alot less students per instructor which is better because that gives you the oportunity to have more one on one time with instructor.

If you were in my situation, which would you choose. The 1000 dollar difference isnt really a concern of me or my parents.

Thanks in advance

My suggestions is to go where you feel more comfortable. The $1000 shouldn't be a concern b/c you're student loans will be a pain in the *ss no matter where you go. Based on your post, the only benefit to SIU is proximity but UND sounds like a better deal training wise. Just my opinion.

If you dont mind the cold and the hole in the earth of being in ND, go for it. The SIU flight program isnt worth a crap. The chief flight instructor wont let anyone fly actual, and the planes are old. Even with the new 172's, LeLand wont let anyone use the GPS