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Hey guys

My name is Cory and I am new to the forums. For the past few weeks I've been looking into going back to school and become a airline. I know that aviation degrees are not that popular around the forums but the gi bill requires me to have a degree program attached to the flight training to have a my flight costs fully covered. Some schools I have looked into have been SIU, Jacksonville university with Aerosim, UND. There are quite a bit more schools out there too. If any if you guys attended these schools I would like to pick brains about them. Thanks.
It needs to be a public school at the in-state tuition rate in order to be 100% covered, so you can cross Jacksonville University off your list as it is a private school. It may be a yellow ribbon participant but I didn't go that route.

If you are going to use the G.I. Bill, going through an aviation degree program is one of the best ways to maximize your benefits.

I am currently at UND, and it has worked very well for me so far. If you can brave the winters, I recommend it. If you don't want an aviation major, you can always minor in "Professional Flight" which will take you through your commercial license. You would have to pay for your CFI out-of-pocket, though. The G.I. Bill will only pay for courses required for your degree plan.
I'm a JU grad and loved my time there but it's expensive as hell. I didn't do any training at the flight school but have an AVM degree from there. The professors are top notch and will bend over backwards to help you out.

Don't have much to say about the flight training other than it's also very expensive.
My name is also Cory, I fly planes and went to SIU.

It must be a sign.

Therefore, I think you should too.
Oh yeah and I also went there after I got out of the Army, and used the GI Bill. Worked out great.
I was accepted to both. Picked ju. It was cheaper for me to go to ju than instate at siu. I had a 27 act. Ju gave me 75% in scholarships. The aviation department at ju is very small and close knit. The aviation education is going to be similar wherever you go.
My suggestion is figure whether you want souther Illinois or Jacksonville Florida. I wanted Florida. Ju is a 4 year flight program. I was one of the faster people to finish. I completed it in 2. (Came in with private). It's a very small university especially compared to siu. You won't go wrong with any university you pick.

I am a 135 chief pilot and do not care one bit as to what school you graduated from. It does not even make it on my list. I only care about what kind of flying you did after you received you comm lisence.
Yeah, I am at SIU working on commercial, thanks for the advice fellas ️. My Gi Bill covers SIU 100 percent