Singapore (with a short visit to Hong Kong)


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Hello All!
I’m going to be in Singapore for two months starting this May, with a week visit to Hong Kong on the way back to Las Vegas.
I’d appreciate everyone’s recommendations on things to do and places to eat. I’m going to be there during baseball season, so any good bars/places to watch MLB would be great. I’d like to keep my dining options reasonably priced since I’m fronting my per diem.
Thanks in advance,
Sure, the view is really quite good (service is not); it's the only revolving restaurant in HKG.... go there at night!

As for Singapore I think it's a good walking city with some fairly well defined tourist spots, the areas around Little India and the big shopping road, Orchid Road are the two I remember. The opera house is supposed to be a Durian:



Which is funny because it is forbidden in many public places:

Also don't spit in public unless you want to make the news and gum, while not illegal, is taboo.

Overall an easy city, everyone speaks English. Kind of boring since they try so hard to be perfect at everything. Nightlife and music scene is good from what I have read... if I were you with two months there I would explore the islands of Indonesia and Malaysia if you get a chance, and go to Kuala Lumpur to see what Singapore would/should be if it was more laid back. Air Asia is a CHEAP way to do it. I love that part of the world, it's safe, interesting, and people are friendly; have a great time.
go explore southeast asia. it is a beautiful place and is still not screwed up by americans! go to vietnam if you have several days to spare and drive the coast. it is one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth.
Thanks everyone! I appreciate it.

Unfortunately, I don't have two concurrent days off the entire trip. So, any exploring outside of the city will have to be short. Everyone has said KL is worth it, so I'll try and snag an airline ticket that works with my schedule.