Simulators at FSI


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How are the Frasca sims at FSI? Are the visual effects decent, or even necessary? I was browsing Frasca's website and they have quite a few options.

Also, are the sims customized by FlightSafety at all? It does seem strange that a flight school operated by the world leader in flight simulation technology wouldn't have some super-duper sims for students. Are the Frascas that effective that it's not necessary? I realize the high-tech stuff is expensive, but it would be nice. Frasca has a really nifty-looking Seminole simulator with a wide-field external display, and apparently ERAU uses them.
The Frascas that FSI has are not very good. As far as visuals, there is only one screen directly in front of the pilot. You can basically see a runway and a horizon with green terra firma and blue sky (or gray clouds).

I think that you are right, they definitely need to be updated. They should make them consistent with the panels in the Seminoles and add the Garmin so that students can work with the GPS prior to flying the plane.
down the road our Frascas don't have any screens, just instrument quarent. not to mention the AST HAWK is always broken for one reason or another.
I thought the Frascas at FSI were just fine. No they are not the newest tip top model and the visuals are pretty darn old, but who cares its instrument training. They served the purpose just great for me. They are pretty well cared for and there were enough of them when I was there (might be tight to shedule when there are loads of students though). I would rather have new Seminoles and old Frascas rather than the opposite.
naw, they have HSI's. they just don't have visuals, not that that is really necessary anyway.