Sim Riders at the J/C event


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How about giving Loyd some more realistic distactions! I wouldn't mind some Instrument time and maybe a little bit more time to familiarize with the cockpit layout.


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Next year, if we do this again, I'll draw up some profiles, speeds, weights, etc. for the B737 that we could use. I'd put it in PDF and e-mail it out to all the simmers, so they'd have something to base it on. I'd just need to know the GTOW and stuff for the sim settings to get some basic speeds. I have a slew of B737 manuals from back when we were creating a B737 FTD course at my university, including Southwest Airlines entire flight manuals.

Also, I could write up some basic generic callouts, so you all can see what it's like working in the crew (PF/PNF) environment. I wouldn't want it to get anything too extensive, because that is just taking away from actually getting to fly and feel the airplane! That's why I didn't say much during the sim about callouts or any of that, because just getting a feel for how the B737 handles was probably more rewarding. Some basic speeds, power settings, pitch settings, etc. might help a lot.


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Thanks MPengy! Even without motion it was a blast. Are you going to be around long beach a week from Monday? Its my last day in LA.


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Was it the one with the autopilot on the top of the panel or the one that was beneath the fire control panel?


speaking of dal 191..... have you guys heard the cockpit voice recordings from that?

"push it up... push it wayyy up"



its on in case you realize my depiction sucked.

also. does anyone have a link to the picture of a delta l1011 on final in the same picture as the charcoaled carcass of 191 on the ground? i saw it once and havent seen it sinse.