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I'm a current student at the DB campus and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who could let me know what the advantages and disadvantages are to taking the sim coarses (B-737 and BE 1900) that are offered. Thanks

UH- I would stay away from those simulator courses. These courses in my opinion are a waste of time, and money. Let me explain when you graduate from college you will more than likely start flight instructing, build some time, and move on to the regionals. Flying a 737 simulator in college will not help you land a job after college. In fact at 250 hrs you have no business flying a 737 simulator at all! What I am saying is that you need to develop your flying skills. Start off flying PIC in an airplane you can handle, and eventually you will upgrade to more complex aircraft, and when the time comes that an airline asks you to fly a 737 for them, then let them pay for your 737 sim training.
I made a post in the General Forum, as I JUST finished the B1900 course at Riddle.

Let me reply to avi8tor:

Do we all need more experence before flying a 737. sure. But there is ALOT that is learned outside of "just" flying. A major focus of the course is CRM and maintaining situational awareness. This is stuff that i will apply to flying 172's, and will make me a better pilot. Will it make a better stick and rudder pilot. yes. you are so far ahead of an airplane moving at 180 kts enroute.

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