sigtronics headsets.


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hey i ve been reading through some of the headset related posts of old and most of it talks about david clark, peltor, and lightspeed.

I m still looking for a headset and was wondering if anybody had any experience using sigtronics at all. They are quite a bit cheaper than David Clark and seem to have the same basic design.

just wondering what your guys opinions are on them.
Don't go with a cheap headset - you will end up buying a DC or an ANR in the future - trust me!!
Yeah, all headsets have the same basic design- two earpieces and a mic!
I've worn Sigtronics headsets a couple of times, and find them quite uncomfortable. They don't even compare to my David Clarks. A headset is not an item with which you want to trade quality for price. Especially if you're going to be flying a lot.
Ive had my Sigtronics S-58 Stereo for two years now and I love it. It is quiet, comfortable, and very well built. I would recommend it to anyone.
I catch a lot of grief for flying with a Sigtronics S-40, but I chose it for a reason: The S-40 costs $162, weighs 12.4 oz., and has an NRR of 24dB. The most comparable David Clark headset, the H10-30, Costs $241, weighs 18.7 oz., and has the same NRR of 24dB.
You would immediately assume that the trade-off is comfort, but I have had opportunity to fly with both headsets, and they are both equally comfortable. I have had several 3 1/2 hour flights with my Sigtronics with no complaint. So why spend $80 more for a headset that weighs more, is just as comfortable, and offers no more noise reduction? Granted, the S-40 is an entry level headset, and when I upgrade it will be to a higher-end DC or Lightspeed, but for a first headset I think it is one of the best deals on the market. I've not tried the S-58, but I'm sure it's even better.
I've flown with the Sigtronics S-58 for a couple years now and they are very comfortable and light. I'm looking for money to upgrade to their ANR headsets, which are based on the S-58. I'd highly recommend them.
I like my H-10-80s I had when I flew cargo. The things were solid as a rock, but darn heavy after a while.

My dad flys with the Bose system headsets. They're nice, but somewhat pricey, IMO.
There's a couple of the older model Bose headsets on Ebay, you might check 'em out. Not sure how comfortable/effective they are, but Bose seldom dissapoints.
At work we have a pile of loaner and student headsets and in the pile is a new pair of Sigtronics S-58's. I tend to either use DC 10-13.4's or H10-13X ENC and compared to either of those (I am exluding the ENC function) the Sigtronics are junk. The mic is terrible and the passive noise reduction seems to be multiple levels worse than the non ENC DC's. They also feel cheap in terms of construction.

I cringe when I forget my headset and I am forced to use them.
In my opinion the sigtronics are crap. I would suggest a pair of David Clark's H10-13.4 they are reliable, comfortable, and durable, they will last for a long time.