Signature Flight Support DCA!!!!!


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Im a lineman at the Signature at Dca (#1 FBO in the country and #1 for the most traffic annualy) i wanted to ask the corperate pilots when they think they will open up GA traffic back up @ DCA. Shouldnt they have opened up GA before the majors??? What do you guys think about all this??? If any of you pilots remember a Asian lineman at DCA or BWI with spikey hair feel free to say hi
I think it will be a while before DCA opens back up to GA.

Any Idea when Signature is going to be receptive to GA aircraft. Love it when my wife gets hit for a 30$ landing fee during her student cross country. I have **NOT** been to DCA but I have been to ALB, IAD, MMU, ACY where sig is the only show onthe field, and knowing that treat GA like •. I also know a number of corp pilots who given the choice, skip over Sig for Hawthorn piedmont, or just about anyone else.
Interesting, DCA usually encounters friendly pilots more like a clientle (spelled it wrong) usually pilots will know my name and we talk. but occasionally we get some pretty steamed pilots, its all part of the the industry i guess. i think the pilots and passangers who come through DCA are generally polite due to the close proximity to the sites of DC. DCA does have a landing fee but so does all class b airports in the country, but i dont think its 30 doll hairs.