Sierra to open a new facility?!


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Apparently there was a big instructor meeting last week and as I was informed by my instructor, Sierra Academy has plans to focus more on their flight program by competing with some of the other big flight schools which would involve Sierra Academy going nationwide and opening new schools across the US, among many other new improvements which are badly needed.

While I am happy to hear that Sierra Academy is taking the flight program more serious I will reserve my judgement, untill things actually start to happen... hopefully this is a good sign of good things to come.

I will let you know one thing, Sierra expanding is like having fun in Alameda, not going to happen. Until they actualy open the doors and I see real students flying I will not believe it. It took them 2 years to do something that takes an average business 2 weeks.

Keep on flying.

Well at least the planes are back from there summer vacation.
What are you saying about Alameda? Is it a boring place? I will be moving there in a couple of months to attend Pro Pilot at Sierra. Where do you suggest to get an apartment?
I just moved to alameda myself. Its not bad at all. Its kind of a small town feel but its surrounded by such a large urban area that if you want to have fun you don't have to go far. S.F. is close by and its hard to deny that that's a pretty exciting place. There are a lot of appartments here in a large price range. Prices range from about $500 - $2000. See Sierra's housing dept. for more details.