Sierra A&P Program


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Well I know this is not related to the pilot program but it is related to the school. I am a recent graduate of the A&P program from sierra. There are some thing that should be brought out and into the open about this school.

First off the A&P program is up for sale by an unknown buyer. Skip the owner of the school wants to sell the A&P part so he can retire off of the pilot program. Joe Pappaly is the director of the A&P program only cares about himself and no one else.
When I started this school they had 22 insructors and around 300-350 students. Now they have 13 instructors and around 150-200 students and they plan on cutting more instuctors down to 10. The New owners want to start a class ever other month or 5 new classes a year.

The school is ran out of an old Army barracks from WW2. When they give you a tour of the school they only show you the Hanger of planes that where once Airworthy and now junk. The school is over priced at $21,000 for 16 months of training and the training aids are out of date if they have any. To be an instructor at this school you have to be an artist. Thats all they did was draw picture on the board for you to get the idea of how it works. Another thing is half of the information that they give you is not out of the books that they school provides for you. They are either photo copies of another book of off the internet.

My best bet is to go to a city college for 2 years and 1/10th the price. For any one that is thinking about this program.
I dont think the new owner will get rich off the pilot program.. they have enough trouble keeping planes in the air, and students from getting cancelled because of maintence issues. The last 3 days there has only been like 2-3 planes available which means ALOT of students arnt getting to fly. I've never complained about sierra before, but lately this has been getting out of control and very frustrating. I'd be surprised if they didnt lose students over these issues as its obvious the instructors arnt complaining.

Well first off the school is going down hill. Joe will not buy supplies for classes that are needed. Example in there composite class has no Fiberglass, Resin, Cups, Mylar, and other materials to list.

As far as I heard is that they had some buyers come in and look over the school and see in what condition it is in. As for me when you see mice and rats running around in the class rooms its time for a renovation of the school itself.

As for you Pilots that go to this school i'm surprised that you have not had any major accidents as shady of work that they do there. When I see there mechanics stripping parts off of planes that are not airworthy sitting in the hangar to fix airworthy planes that would have me worried even to fly them.

If I where you pilots in training I would carefully look through and read that maintenace log book.

Last I heard is that they have such por credit history that half of these aircraft parts places won't due business with them unless it is a cash only.
Actually we are required to look over the maintence log before each flight for the plane we are flying and they are pretty quick about getting planes fixed most the time. My instructor told me yesterday that it is true they are selling the A&P program so they can spend that money to improve the pilot program which as it sounds is starting to come together finally... but I'll hold off my judgement for a few more months and see if the promises they are making come true.. It would be nice to see more attention being paid to the pilot program..

Well I heard that the price for the school is to take over the debt that the school has brought upon itself.

So if you guys in the pilot program are looking for some money to come your way you are just going to have to keep on looking.

As for the new buyers, they plan on moving the school off the airport and away from the mice infested buildings including the hanger.
Well I heard that the school was sold to Corinthian. This is the same company that now owns Sequia, they also bought out Wyo-tech and Bryman college. They are building a brand new Wyo-tech in the Sacramento area excellent school.

Also heard that the school will now longer be Sierra it will be called Sequia Aeronautics.
As to taking over debt, I agree with you. But that will bring in more money. If I have 4 apples and need to pay back 2 each month, that leaves me with 2 apples. Now if I only owe 1 apple that leaves me with 3. So in reality we get more money. Plus the new FBO is taking the hanger, so the mice are theie problem. Plus if you studied the FAR's, you can take working parts off none airwothry airplanes to put them on other to make them airworthy. As for the pilots side, the parts issue has been resolved 100%, planes are very well maintained. Plus the head mech will not let anything leave unless it is 100% good to go. Keep up the rumors they are fun to see, keeps the long days fun.
I agree with you SFLAX it will bring more money for the A&P program since they will be run by the new company. And the pilot program will still be under Skip's control. So like I said before The only money you guys will see is what Skip wants to give Pilot program.