SIC Type Rating and the FSDO


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So I received a CE-500 SIC scholarship type rating and went through all the training down at FS Toldeo back in January. After completing my one takeoff and landing in type I had the PIC of the flight sign my log book and went to the FSDO the next day to get everything made official. I brought with me my logbook, FS training records, unofficial 8710 form filled out and e-signed by the FS instructor, my current license and all IACRA info that I needed. I went to the GRR FSDO the next day and they looked at my log book, the 8710 online on IACRA and that was about it. Everything looked good and they signed it and I got a new license in the mail a few days later.

My friend who worked for FS as a SIC sim partner received all the same training I did and was even my partner in class and the sim. We received all the same endorsements and he brought the exact same material to the DTW FSDO. They said it was incomplete and could not issue the rating. They also told him something along the lines of IACRA is not even used for SIC type ratings. DTW FSDO called Oklahoma and they even said that too. Has there been any recent changes with this or was something not done right when I went to GRR? I was going to call GRR on monday and ask but can anyone shed light on this?