SIC multi time


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Could somebody tell how an iterviewer would value SIC multi time vs. PIC multi time. I already know that, obviously, he would like better PIC time. But would interviewers just disregard SIC multi time?


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No they will not disregard it. It won't count as much but it will still count!

Most of the time the actual hours are just used to see if you make certain company or insurance requirements. In that case, it counts!


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Just make sure SIC time is legit time. For example, sitting right seat in a light twin that requires only 1 pilot is NOT legit SIC time. Interviewers will see straight through that.


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Depends. If you're a CFI/ME you can log it. If you have gone through the SIC training program for a 135 operation you can log it.

Just because the aircraft is capable of being flown single pilot doesn't mean it has to be.


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For example our outfit's twin cessnas are single pilot 135 as long as the autopilot is operational. Two pilots required if the A/P is INOP.