Should I get back into it?


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Hello to all of you. I'm new to the boards and I need some advice from some of you already out there in the field. I graduated from FlightSafety last May and my wife and I moved to Ohio because of a good job offer for my wife. Unfortuantely, the offer fell through and now we're barely making ends meet. My question to you; is this a good time to try and get back in the air? Currently I have 280 hours Comm. MEL, SEL, Insrument. I have been out of the cockpit now for a year but, if I can somehow manage to finish my CFI and get time logged over the next year or 2, do you think hiring will somewhat be on the rise? I know none of us can predict the economy, but those of you that have been in the field for sometime have seen the so called "cycles". Is this a logical idea or should I save my money and wait until the hiring picks up? What would you suggest? I would appreciate any advice you have, and if there are any low timer flying jobs in OH (CMH, CLE, CAK) that you know about I would be interested. Thanks again, take care.


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If you can at all possible, I suggest trying to finish your CFI. I know being out of the loop for a year it is very hard to bring all that stuff back but it will come. As for low timer jobs, the only possibility I know of is Top Site Aerial Photography out of CMH. They may already have their staff for the summer but it doesn't hurt to try. They like the low time people there. Good Luck. BTW, what part of Ohio are you from? I'm from Mansfield (middle of CMH and CLE)