Should Get My PPL Friday


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This coming Friday is checkride day baby and I'm psyched. Hopefully on friday I'll be the newest private pilot in the midwest.

Sorry guys, I know you've probly heard enough of these. Just need to do something to calm my self enough to study.

Almost a year and 60 hours later I see the end of the tunnel. Also excited about taking people up for a ride that have been bugging me for so long. Some of them never been up in the air before so I'm really excited about that. Not so excited that it will distract me though.


bring a barf bag for your new passengers.
When I first took up one of my friends, I made a perfect landing and it wasn't even very bumpy out, but as soon as we touched the ground he had to flip open the window and spew. Thank god it was a cessna! He didn't even know that it was going to happen. He told me that he was feeling a little queasy during the flight, but by the time we got to the airport he felt ok. I guess that sort of thing can sneak up on you...

Good luck or congrats as the case may be.

I took my sis up, she was my second passenger, and as soon as she got out she barfed all over the place. It was funny because before we left she was talking about how she wanted me to show here stalls and "loopty loops", which i didnt and she got sick anyway.
Yeah the plane my dad rents is a cessna 172 and some one went up in it and had to barf and the only place they could think of getting rid of it was out the window inflight.

Needless to say he flew around for 2 and a half hours after that and it had dried on the tail and left side of the airplane and line crew had a hell of a time cleaning it off.

Uh, are you sure? He must have stuck his head waaaaay out the window when he let it rip then, cause usually if they just open it and point in that direction, it all ends up back in the airplane.
I dont know what he did. All I know is the a line man told me he had a hell of a time cleaning off the pink crust.

ahh that make me sick thinking about it.

Sorry for taking so long for the update.


I GOT IT!!!!!! woo hooo

Its a great feeling. Oh yeah, the chicks dig pilots. highschool girls anyway.
just kidding around though.



And yes, I will second that. I got my private when I was in high school too, and I took a fair share of girls up for rides!
Yeah my instructor said he had taken alot of girls up, angered their boyfriends who would then go try to go get there licenses not realizing how much time and effort it takes. Not as commited as us toughnecks though to actually get the thing done though.

He said that 6 or seven people went and tried.

When I tell people how many hours I have and how long it took they think they can just take off for a week and go get it.
12 hours a day in a cessna, ack!! Cant really absorb all that info anyway.