Shorts SD 360 F/O Central Africa - question


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No doubt many of you also saw this job posting. I have wanted to fly in Africa for a while now, and wonder if anyone knows anything about this company. I've heard too much crap about Nigeria and bla bla bla, and I don't know the state of the governments in this area.

It looks like this is a South African company flying around central africa? anyone know anything?

Anyone have any experience flying in central africa. ideally i would want to fly in RSA, botswana etc...

so here's the info i have

Confidential - Shorts SD360 FO Central Africa
PO Box 2021 Bryanston, South Africa
Tel. 0012427399711480
website - (which doesnt seem to work... thoughts?)
We are looking for a SA pilot to fly as FO in a Shorts SD360. Low time is ok, training will be provided to the riht individual.

2months on 1 off. Pay is $3000/month on and $1000/mo off. Perdien and housing provided and travel back to base and home at end of rotation.
A/c based in Central Africa (whatevfer that means) This is a good opportunity for a low time SA pilot to gain twin turbine time and experience.

so im interested to hear what any oof you all have to say about this job. anyone else thinking of applying?
I have had some leads in SA and understand it's not that hard to convert licenses. So I'm not too worried about that.
Looks like the job posting was on ct350. I don't have an account anymore so I can't see any more of the details but if anyone has any more information, I would really appreciate it. Thanks
I know a guy who flies a caravan in SA, but came to TX to get his CFI......I'll ask around and try to find more info.
My understanding of the SA system is that the SA CPL ME IR is as difficult to get as the JAA equivalent (read: written exams).

However, you can fly commercially in SA in non z-reg ac with FAA certs, abd it is common practice for operators to fly Botswana and Namibia registered ac.

Get a skype account and give them a call and find out the biz.
im sure theres no shortage of SA pilots for this.. i'd be all over it if they needed expats.

something about africa seems pretty fun...