She's gone.....


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Well, sad times for me... I delivered my trusty cherokee to her new owners in Wichita yesterday. Had a great flight from Pensacola, though the 65knot headwind on Thursday slowed us down a bit. Spent the night in Hot Springs, Arkansas which was a nice place. On to Wichita in the morning. Landed with a 24 knot crosswind gusting to 35. Plane did great and her new owners are very happy. Since I asked about it here..... I decided to trust them and not ask for any more money, just had the 1k deposit. By the time I got there I was halfway hoping they would back out but alas, they wired the money when the plane arrived. Very nice people.Not sure what is next as far as a plane goes, I am going to head to ATP for my CFI ratings and then.......
sorry and happy to hear its all settled at the same time. good luck on furthering your training!
That sucks dude, why'd you sell? Just to pay for the ratings?

Yes and no.... I bought it to build time. I put a couple hundred hours on her and am ready to move on. I am considering a twin but I am still up in the air. I am also looking at a partnership on a more capable plane. Not sure how much recreational flying I will be doing if I am flying for a living. Definately served me well and I sold her for more than I paid even in this crappy market. No regrets but I already miss having a plane.