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Looking for a place to stay, been checking out

Anyone have any opinions on any of the usual haunts....Pines of Vero, etc.

How about a place called "Colonial Heights"...any comments positive or negative?

I'm looking for a 2 bedroom place that takes pets for a reasonable amount of money (my wife's a teacher!). What's close to FSI?


So which one is going to occupy the second bedroom?
I know of many in Cantebury Place Apartments, 2 bedrooms, pets etc...It's within 5 minutes, about 550 a month (not including utilities). Seems to be a good neighborhood.
When I visited FS about a month ago, I checked several apartments . . Cantebury had no apts available, and it seemed like everything was either age restricted, or income restricted in the Vero area. I also am looking for a place. Thanks Davetheflyer . . I will check Sebastian
A buddy of mine lives at the Florida Apartment Club just over the line North of Vero in Gifford. Quite a few other FSI types there as well. It's practically brand new, nice place.

Several people I talked to suggested that students should come here, stay in the dorms for a few days and look for cheap housing. One girl said she found a 2 bed beach-area condo for 800.Not bad if you split it. I live at the fairways at grand harbor. Very close to Flightsafety. Pretty snazzy too but I'm paying over 800 for a one bedroom. Cheaper than where I came from though. Good Luck.
How big of a pet? When I found my place in November it was hard to find a spot where I could have my medium sized dog. There were plenty of apartments that would allow small dogs (20 or 30 lbs). If you have a dog above this range you should start calling all the private ads first.

Plenty of places seemed to allow cats and other small pets.
I want a 2 bedroom for the extra space. I currently live in a 1090sq. ft place and I love it. I don't want to getmuch smaller than that. "Bobdog - The ugliest dog in Okinawa" is about 30 pounds, the cat 8. I'll look into Sebastian.