Seneca time


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Anybody have any ideas on where I might be able to get (relatively) cheap/or trade for some Seneca time in PHX-metro area or AZ? I only need five hours.

I know, I know, that's like asking where someone can find some cheap gold or something.

But if anyone has any ideas let me know!
Hey, Sorry I can't help but I'm curious, do you want this 5 hour Seneca time so that you can teach in make and model?

I suppose I could rent it but If I could split the time with someone or trade the time for Apache time that'd be much preferred.

I won't be instructing out of a/in Seneca anytime soon ... but I'd like to get prepared. So it's not really limited to Senecas ... I'd be interested in Seminoles, 310s, Duchesses, etc.
Ya air desert pacific. The 8200 pakage is also for the original muti rating. Look at the break down of the twin rental time. I thinks its actually 62.50 an hour. 125 an hour wet for 20 hour block times. split it and that would be 62.5
I'll trade you some 310Q time for some Apache time. Why rent a twin though? Getting tired of the Apache? Too good for the 1955 planes now?
Skyschool up here in Prescott has a Seneca, though that's probably not very convenient for someone in Phoenix. Pretty cheap from what I hear, if you can meet the insurance requirements.