Self-Paced - Any Current or Recent Students?


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Can any self-paced program students provide some insight? I've read prior threads and posts, and did not see a single negative perspective. Most self-pacers seem to have finished quicker than 10 months, as long as they dedicated an alloted number of days per month. I hope to train every other week for 4-5 day blocks, traveling from my home town to Phoenix.

I have read the threads saying ATP is not a wise choice given the current hiring environment ("there is no rush"). Understood. I am a business owner, however, and unless I get out of town (to Phoenix?) for 4-5 days blocks, I will simply not get my training done. I need a structured program from people who know what they are doing and can get me done. ATP grads have also posted here how much they enjoyed their experience.

I'm especially interested in hearing from Phoenix self-pacers. Thanks for any insight.