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Anyone else had the chance to try out a Segway? By far the sweetest "toy" I have played with in a while. Well guess its not really a toy since it costs more than a lot of cars and I couldnt afford to replace it if I broke it! Had the opportunity to drive one at work. Very fun and just amazing how they work.
Prices better stay high though or else obesety will increase as well as laziness. But damn it was fun and pretty easy to master and operate!
Sweet! Always wanted to try one but the $5k tag was a bit too rich for my blood.

Kamen got hosed by all the hype that surrounded Segway before it was released. People thought it was going to "change the world".

Have you seen the wheelchair he put together, IBOT? Based on gyros like Segway.
Haven't seen the wheelchair but my boss used to work up in Manch-Vegas where Dean Kamen was based out of. Said he was a very cool guy and showed up to meet with CEOs of major corps in just jeans and stuff. Sounds like an interesting guy. He told me about some of inventions and all.
But damn it was fun and pretty easy to master and operate!

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Hope this link works: yahoo pics

I can't believe I just gave all the Bush haters a freebie