seems to be a trend.....

More like Gulfstream is teaming up with everyone....

My guess is they are paying for this as an advertising thing since their reputation as Gulfstream Academy is so tattered.

I read about the one with ATP on another forum I quickly shot it down....
It looks to me like everyone is desperately trying to keep their businesses alive because lack of financing is killing the flight schools. For some reason, GTA has the keys to the chastity belt of a certain lender.

Anyway, I really wanna hear what Surreal has to say about all this. Being a consistent ATP basher, he had plenty to say about GTA and ATP recently. What now that his alma mater has gone the same route?
if schools keep teaming up with gulfstream, $30k worth of turbine time will be like rj courses were in the last hiring spree. :banghead:
The desperation for pro flight schools will continue and frankly it's not their fault, they have to make a buck. Unless the qol improves in the piloting profession they're going to go BK. Plus, most people that spend this kind of money will first need to get financed but second they will also do their homework. They will find that GTA is a big fat SCAM pay for training scheme. They will also see that in the end they will get a few hours flying the beech which is a basically single pilot plane and a few months of pt121 time but they will be kicked out of the FOs seat to make room for the next GTA victim. There is a reason why GTA has never hired FOs in a thousand years and even less CAs. BIG FAT SCAM. You'll get to pad your log book with some worthless time that cost you 35K grand or more, you'll still only have a few hundred hours of which no one could care about unless you meet their 1000+ hour mins. Even in the greatest days of the hiring wave, gta grads only made it to other regionals. What now??
The funny thing is I've lately had several guys tell me that their Gulfstream Academy class dates have been postponed/pushed back... not because of over-enrollment, but simply because the airline is cutting back its flights due to the economic situation and there aren't seats to go around, period.
Ha, a waiting list to pay for training. Have you asked your buddies what they'll do once they get kicked out of the right seat with the 250 hours?