security risk


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I was telling a friend of mine the other day about the new law that allows a pilot the privilige of having his/her tickets pulled because he/she has been declared a security risk. The question of what happens after they revoke your certificates. Perhaps I am ill advised as to the new law, but the way I understand it is this:

1)the law is there to get rid of any FAA registered pilots/student pilots who pose a security risk.

2)Since he/she is registered with the FAA, it is safe to assume that the person in question is a U.S. citizen, or some other form of legal resident with all the rights and privleges granted to a U.S. Citizen.

3)If you have your certificates pulled, you have been declared a security threat; therefore, it is believed that you are likely to perform some act of agression.

So, the question is this:
If the FAA/TSA pulls your ticket because you have been declared a security risk, and are therefore likely to do somthing nutty? It would make sense that they dont just let you roam free. Do they lock you up? Deport you? After all, you have not commited any criminal act yet, you are just thought to be likely to do somthing.
So does anybody have any info/insights as to what happens?

Well IF you are declared a security threat... you'll lose your licenses right off the bat, then you can expect to get your phone tapped (if it's not already bugged), emails intercepted, hell anything and everything you do will be watched. That's why it's such a bull crap law... punnishment with no crime is no way to go. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Also I'm sure their actions depend on what kind of 'evidence' they have against you. Not that you'll know...