Security Clearance and misdemeanors


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Hey guys! If you have had a PI does that disqualify you to receive a security clearance at all? I was just wondering your comments as to how that affects you when trying to join the military? Thanks
No problem. They WILL find it on your record, so of course the only way to blow it would be to lie about it. The level of their investigation depends on the level of clearance you will need for your job, but the biggest red flags come from your credit report. Bottom line: they're looking for anything you can potentially be blackmailed for. Bad credit/big debt = incentive to sell secrets. You can be an ex crack-ho as long as you're an EX crack-ho and you TELL them you were a crack-ho.

What job were you looking at doing?

(Oh, by the way, don't rely on the recruiter to tell you about what to say or what to put down on your SF-86- I've seen people's clearances denied before and " recruiter said that I shouldn't put that down..." did nothing to save them.

Good luck.
Thanks a lot for your reply. My credit is golden but like I said I have that one public intox ticket, that sucks. I'm graduating with my masters degree in August so i'm just trying to lay some groundwork and do some research for my future. I have my private and commercial licences and would ultimately like to be an officer in the ang or reserves someday. Of course I don't have to get a flight slot from the jump, but eventually that's what i'd like to do. Right now i'm looking at all of the officer programs in all the branches. I love flying and would love for that to be my career, cut ultimately I want a chance to serve my country.