Second job?


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I was wondering if any of the guys or gals have a second job in addition to instructing, and if so what? I am trying to prepare for the long and hard winter we get in Michigan every year and supplement my CFI income. Any advice, suggestions, or feedback?


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Last year was tough for me, as I started working as a CFI. I didn't have enough students to support me, so I took a job working nights at the FBO pumping gas. I did that 2x a week for 16 hours total. I had previous FBO experience though.

You can also look into being a waiter.


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$.02 - if you don't have your II, I'd recommend starting now. Winter can be a great time to log a lot of actual.

$.02 - Dedicating yourself full time to the gig can pay dividends later. During the slow months, there is a ton of traffic that comes through the FBO. It also provides the time to access the FBO database and create a "refresher" program for those who haven't flown in a bit. I created weekend ground schools at $15 a head and made out better than some busy summer months. Check out Brown's Saavy Flight Instructor for some ideas.

Good luck


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I had a international student who is 18 didn't have driver license.
So he paid me $25 hr to teach him driving after flight...

But we only did one lesson...because it was my car and i had no brake on passenger side.....


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As mentioned above, you could always wait tables. You can pretty much set your own schedule and usually make out of it what you put in. The hours are short and the money is good, waiting gets my vote.

P.S.-If you have never waited tables before and wonder what it might be like, go rent "Waiting" if you haven't seen it already. ;)