Seattle area FBO's


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Seattle area FBO\'s

I don't suppose there is anyone out there who has heard of, or has any experience with, either of the following two FBO's? They are both based at Boeing Field here in Seattle.

Any feedback from former students or instructors would be greatly appreciated.

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In a word - Expensive. They use fancy new 172s with leather and all the bells and whistles. Boeing Field is an expensive place to do business, and Galvin has a nice facility. They tell you the average Private is going to cost about $10k.

They don't run a ground school, but recommend and sell the ASA CD-ROM based package.

Their $100 introductory lesson is probably worth the money to cruise over Seattle in a shiny new plane.
Re: Seattle area FBO\'s

Man, you are NOT EVEN kidding about Boeing Field.

Looks like it might be time to avert my eyes (and potential student dollars) northward toward Paine Field.......

I really miss the annual airshows they used to have up there. Watching an f-15 fly in person is very impressive, to say the least.
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Yeah, Paine field is probably a lot cheaper. But I think Northway Aviation has new planes also, so it's still going to cost. Plus, if you live much south of Lynnwood, it's a bear getting to and from Everett.

Me, I'm about to avert my eyes all the way to Arizona.
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I inquired at American Flyers to try and finish up my private pilot, since the local FBO's here are essentially shut down still for the winter. I want to try and get done so I can enjoy the summer by flying, and get my application into ATP.

They were $160 an hour dual, and $60 for any ground instruction. This seems extremely spendy to me, twice what an instructor's time costs here in Spokane. Worse that the instructor only gets $10, same as here.

Re: Seattle area FBO\'s

If you are affilliated with Boeing at all, employee, retiree, spouse or relative, check out the Boeing Employees Flying Association. It is based at Renton and has some of the best prices around and 19 planes.