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So I've been thinking about doing the seaplane course at UND one of these summers. I looked at the projected flight costs and found this:

AVIT 385 Seaplane Certification
$ 2,345​
Instructor Time
15 hrs​
Top Cub
10 hrs​

Do you guys think that is reasonable or would it be better to do this somewhere else? Is there a ground course for this, or is everything just covered by the instructor?

I'm pretty sure I read on here that we used to have a 182 with the floats attached that was really will the Top Cub compare?


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I'd love to do seaplane. Aerobatics and tailwheel for that matter as well. I just can't justify the cost, except maybe to give myself other opportunities to instruct.


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One of the instructors for that course used to be my boss. The course has its ups and downs. The lakes are far away but once you're out there the procedures are the same as on pretty much any other lake. It probably is cheaper to do it elsewhere but if that isnt possible the UND course isnt bad.

The Top Cub is a lot of fun. IT does well on floats. Its even more fun off of floats. That thing has some kick.


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Thanks guys....Anyways it turns out that there is a seaplane course on a lake that is about 5 miles away from the lake that our cabin is on. :nana2:

If I do it, it'll probably be cheaper in Montana than UND, plus all the lakes are in the mountains which would be a nice change from when I did 102 at UND.

Right now their website is down, but the from the cached version on Google, it says they use a "PA-18-150 highly modified Supercub."