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Any one know of a good example of and SDF approach that you can use for teaching, perfably on that is published on the web? I can't seem to find on on my charts.
There is an SDF at Poplar Bluff, MO (KPOF). If you are an AOPA member you can get it from their website. If not I have it in old approach books if you need it.
A couple I know of are:

SDF 10 at Ashland KY (DWU)
SDF 23 at Campbellsville KY (AAS)
SDF 4 at Somerset KY (SME)
SDF 24 at Maury County TN (MRC)
SDF 20 at Fayetteville TN (FYM)
SDF 18 at Tullahoma TN (THA)

The bulk of them that I have seen are located in Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Approach plates are available online to members at AOPA and FltPlan is free to use, AOPA's plates are for members only.

SDF = Simplified Directional Facility, not to be confused with Louisville Standiford International Airport. Oddly enough, there is no SDF approach at SDF.

SDF 18 at Tullahoma TN (THA)

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Thats the only SDF approach I've ever flown. It was VFR, but I just had to do it so I could say I've flown one!