schools posing as students here.

Ahh, that would kill all of the fun of guessing who it was!

There are a couple of tell-tale signs, but those are secret, proprietary information!
I'm not sure who it was but I'm still waiting for an administrator from Pan Am to come on here and answer some questions for prospective students. I AM CALLING YOU OUT PAN AM ADMINISTRATION!! I know you read these posts, prove to us that your school is respectable. If you don't come on this message bored, it just goes to show you what kind of people you are.
Yeah good point- shows you what kind of people they let in that place!! LOL I always do that when I type cause I don't pay any attention. DOH! But thanks for the spelling check, although I'll do it again!
Hey charty,

People will not take you seriously either if you slam posters for spelling errors while making them yourself. Here are the words you screwed up: DISSATISFIED, COMPETITORS', WON'T and DON'T. We could all use a spell checker on this site. And from what I've read from the PanAm people (see FLDiver's thread), they don't take many members of this board too seriously anyway. They don't like being criticized, though. So, post away. And, charty, until you win the National Spelling Bee--put a sock in it.
I am kind of new to this whole thing. I am finding myself getting a little jaded about the whole flight training industry. I started at Pan Am about 3 months ago and am already 2000 dollars and 1 month behind. This is better than some and worse than others but definately not unusual. It seems borderline illegal and certainly unethical that 100% of the people I have met at Pan Am have not completed their flight training in the time frames and in the budget that were advertised. From what I gather it is pretty much par for the course for flight training academies however.

what do people do when they run out of money and don't have the ratings they need?
you didn't mention my capitalization. i wasn't slamming anyone. just correcting spelling. i guess that is why we need a degree. two spells stuf reel good
i think everyone goes over on the courses at Panam, they tell you to expect about a %10 overage each phase(probably same everywhere, but i really don't know). i only know one guy who is balls out tearing up the courses here. dude finishes everything early and studies like a moe foe. but in reality, most go somewhat over. truth is, these schools don't screen people and they don't intend to teach people how to learn. you'll see outstanding students, medicore students, and people who really can't cut it in any manner. for the normal student its way to easy to get yourself in a bunch if you don't study like an animal. i know i didn't study half as hard as i should of at first. then you learn what that costs you in extra flight time and stress. chair fly like crazy, go sit in the planes and do it....theres always a few archers sitting around. know your panam PTS and manuevers handbook. if you do those two items your flights will be cake walks. as for ground school, its all academics and you just have to study. they can't teach you how to do that. they do have the student Q&A workshop that really really helps if you get a little confused. and by all means ASK QUESTIONS!!! we're all here for the same thing, and we all want to see each other succed(sp.?).

one thing i learned, don't think of your situation in terms of where other people are in their training. we all learn at different paces, and you have to do what you have to do to make yourself comfortable and proficient with the aircraft and flying in general. alright, hope that helps ya. good luck!
Yeah Dak pretty much nailed it on the nose. If you put in that kind of effort you will be fine. We had a couple guys that tore threw, but the majority was like you. I wonder why they tell people to add 10% to the costs, why don't they just raise them? OH that's right- marketing- that ever so wonderful way of sugar coating. HMMM must be nice to manipulate people's minds. LOL
So ya'll think it was Pan Am huh? My guess is Comair because they offered to fly him out there to check out the school. As far as I know Comair is the only school that flies out people to check out the school. As if Doug couln't use his own flight bennefits.
Actually, there were two different schools on four different occasions that I've had to do the smack down on. It was reallly bafd last year!
fly guy,
why do you sya that they think pan am. did I miss something?
I suppose nobody suggested it was Pan Am per se, but the conversation shifted toward Pan Am and we are in the Pan Am forum. Picky picky picky...
yeah, but they never try and hide the fact that yer gonna pay a bit more. admissions here is pretty honest about it, i've spoken with them about it a couple times and they tell ya the deal with what its going to cost. they told me straight up when i signed on. luckily my jump into flight school is turning out on the "normal student side", cause some guys/gals really spend a bunch to get everything right. i'm pretty satisfied with my progression so far and what its cost. no real unreasonable overage costs. except the damn electric bill in my condo!!! a/c is a killer during the summer!