Satellite Radio on commerical planes, why not?


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For all you interested in tech items on the market. Just picked up a new satellite radio from SIRIUS for my car what a great advancemet in radio. No commericals with 100 streams. I love it!

It wont be long before we see these in commerical airplanes for in flight audio. I bet Jetblue will be the first to jump on this bandwagon of the evolving satellite radio craze.
I THINK (but I am not sure) that they are talking about putting that into some GA planes.

Now that would be pretty sweet!
Yes, and not only does it offer 60 streams of music it offers 40 channels of news(cnbc radio, cnn, bloomberg) great for the business traveler like myself.

I would love to listen to business news channels and music on my monthly trips to Detroit to L.A., this product will diffently apeal to the business travelers as well as others.