SAS Mechanics backing SAS pilot strike


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Copenhagen — 200 aeroplane mechanics will join the pilots' strike of the Danish airline SAS on Thursday, the Dansk Metal union announced.

During the strike, the mechanics will not service any planes. SAS told Danish television on Wednesday that the company will try and get their planes serviced in other countries.

Pretty cool, SAS mechanics starting to put pressure on the company by joining the pilot strike and not servicing the fleet. This is a very interesting and non-typical strike that is the center of big political and social issues in Denmark regarding outsourcing. SAS, who runs a huge Europe to Asia network (comparable to United's SFO hub) that the Russian airspace closure and COVID have pretty much destroyed for years, wanted to go the route of Norweigan and outsource crews while registering planes in Ireland and other places to get around the nation's own labor laws and competitive wages.

A lot of those in the EU seem to think that every airline should just be Spirit now, as the state of the EU (COVID+Ukraine) has killed off the need of service and legacy, with many legacy airlines becoming LCCs in cabin and service more or less. But I like to see people fighting the race to the bottom, well done to the SAS folks.

The majority of European legacy carriers like British Airways have payscales similar to airlines like Sun Country or iAero now...and the public is happy about it.