San Jacinto College - Houston


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For what it is worth to future avaition students in the Houston/Texas area, I do recommend looking into the San Jacinto college program. The program is sponosored, to some degree, by Continental Airlines.

While I have not complete the whole program, yet, and only attend part time. The class room instructors are top notch avaition professionals.

However, the one down side to the program is the flight portion is not within the college and out sourced to a local FBO, with mixed reviews from students. Best of Luck

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Howdy fellow Texan. I am up here in Lubbock and am looking into quitting Tech to go to KSU for their aviation degree program but the out of state tution in incredibly high. What can you tell me about San Jacinto College? Is it a four year degree? Does it train up to ATP, etc... Thanks, Mike
Hey if your looking to find some additional information, take a look at Texas State Technical college, they offer the same, with an airport on site. I have looked into just about everything in Texas and they do seem competitive with the cost. I plan on visiting them at the end of May.
No, San Jac is a two year associate program. I don't know much about the academic portion other than the ground school.

Also there are several advantages to flying in the Houston area.

Best of Luck!