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*JCMAIOPC being "JetCareers Most Acronyms in One Paragraph Contest"

The illustrious title holder has the torch with this paragraph:

Same with risk management / safety. I remember talking to a German AF FSO (Flight Safety guy) back in '99 following a midair and loss of two Tornados near Carlsbad, NM. The Wing there was flying that next day, IIRC. Whereas the USAF would have a safety standdown for a few days, WG/CC calls, FCIFs/ORFs/SRFs, etc; the German FSO simply stated that "its the cost of doing business...we still have training to accomplish".

I dare say there are few alive today who can out-obfuscate this outstanding talent!

I salute you MikeD!



*b is an acronym for beasly!

Get to talking (typing) shop with the mil crew, and the freaking acronyms for everything just flow out.....

I can translate if anyone needs it.... :)
ya, but that was one guiness ago.