Safety Seminar on line


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The room is open on Paltalk.

If you haven't got paltak, download it free at

Once you get your email registration, login to paltalk.

Click on "Groups"

Scroll down and double click on "Sports and Hobbies"

Double click on "Aviation Saftey Seminar"

Join us!


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Yup, you missed it. I think theres one every Sunday at 8 though. We had a pretty good turnout this time.


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Paltalk is a live chat program which offers not only written chat, but audio and video (you can hear and see with your screen and speakers, but you will need a microphone or webcam to broadcast of course.)

I use a double set of computers at home to broadcast powerpoint over the video connection, although it looks better if you bring up the webcast link (windows media player 9.0 works best.)

Next week we will discuss Light Twin Safety at 8pm ET Sunday night.


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Yeah it really is pretty cool. I didn't have a microphone so I just had to type IM style. I do have a web cam and I can find a mic, so once I set all that up I'll be in better shape!


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Next week we will discuss Light Twin Safety at 8pm ET Sunday night.

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I'd like to catch this ... problem the computer I have access to on the weekends is pretty weak. But I'll try to be there.